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Reservations in Amnezja Wrocław Hostel

There are 3 options of booking rooms in out hostel. Choose the most comfortable for you

  • Hostel reservation by phone:
    71 34-444-69 or 691 405 405,
  • On-line reservation- our email address: biuro@absynthostel.pl
  • Complete the form above and send a query.

Hotel night starts at 3p.m. and ends at 11 a.m. You can come earlier and drink coffee/tea in the hostel, store your luggage, meet new people.
When you go out, please leave your key in the reception. The room is yours until 11 a.m. on the day of your departure. If you still have time and want to visit Wrocław you can leave your language and use our facilities after checking out.

We have special offers for groups. There is also a possibility of negotiating prices if you want to stay longer.

It is necessary to pay 50% of the price in advance (100% if you book a bed in a dorm) and email a confirmation till 3 (three) days. If after 3 days (till 6 p.m.)from booking there is not a confirmation of it a reservation will be canceled. All delays should be reported during the reservation.

The reception does not have possibility to confirm every transfer or confirmation of it. If you want to receive it please mark it or phone us to check it. The reception will not call you back to give you details.

We issue VAT invoices.

The apartments can be rented people under 26 years of age.

Check the regulations of our hostel.

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