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Amnezja Wroclaw Hostel

Amnezja Wroclaw Hostel is situated in a historic and fully renovated tenement house from 17 century in the center of the city. The building is modernized and adapted for the hostel. It is a very comfortable accommodation for numerous visitors. The hostel is located on the main street of Wroclaw - Świętego Antoniego 15.

The hostel has guaranteed the best accommodation since 1991. There are a lot of good reviews about the place. Everyday we offer accommodation for 100 people, what is more, some of our guests rebook rooms in our hostel! We have a great experience and we still improve the conditions of the place.

Amnezja Wroclaw Hostel offers 150 beds in the center of Wroclaw.

The hostel offers 150 beds in 38 rooms. The rooms are fully renovated and furnished by an architect to guaranteed the best conditions.

Who does stay in Amnezja Wroclaw Hostel?

It is a place for everyone- travelers, groups of visitors, students, businessmen from around the world who look for cheap and comfortable accommodation stay in our hostel.

The offer of the hostel

A wide selection of modern rooms (1 to 6 people). There is a TV set in single and double rooms. The rooms are furnished with comfortable beds and clean bedding.


  • comfortable lift
  • kitchen with 2 microwaves, fridge, kitchen utensils and other accessories
  • living room with satellite TV
  • tea and coffee machine
  • WiFi and 2 computers with the Internet
  • 24 hour reception with receptionists who are always around to help
  • taxi (if you need cheap taxi we order it for you)
  • the best prices in Wroclaw
Parking Space

There are 2 private parking lots 150m from the hostel. The hostel is situated in the city center so free parking spaces are available from 6pm to 9am (weekend from 2pm to 9am).

Tourists attractions are within reach

Because the hostel is located in the center of Wroclaw all tourist attractions are within reach. The Market is a short walk from the hostel. Train/bus station is situated 1500m from Amnezja Wroclaw Hostel. There are numerous museums, restaurants, bars around the place. If you do not like walking it is not a problem as there is a bus/train stop next to the hostel.

Wroclaw is not only monuments but also interesting people- the city never falls asleep...

After a great party you can relax in our hostel. A lot of clubs, bars, restaurants are located around it that is why, you will never have to worry about means of transport.

Why is the hostel worth staying?

Amnezja Wroclaw hostel is a very colorful place, the atmosphere is lovely, the staff is super nice and helpful, the rooms are comfortable and the location is the best! I think we persuade you to choose our hostel.

Book a bed in our hostel now

Hostels in Wroclaw - we are not alone...

There are many hostels in Wroclaw which are a great challenge for us to offer you the best conditions in Wroclaw. We know if we want to have full rooms we have to care about the quality of the hostel.